1. I voted – what happens next?

Unlike what happens in an election, there are a couple of steps that need to happen after the vote before the ballots can be counted. The Ontario Labour Relations Board, which supervised the vote, needs to check to make sure there are no duplicate ballots across the colleges, and that all of the voters who cast ballots are on the voters list. Unfortunately, this process can take time. OPSEU will fight to ensure this process happens as quickly as possible.


2. When will the ballots be counted?

Once the Ontario Labour Relations Board is satisfied there are no duplicate ballots and that only voters on the voters list cast ballots, the ballot boxes will be opened and the votes counted.


3. How will we find out the results of the vote?

As soon as the ballots are counted, we will be in touch with workers to share the result.


4. I want my vote to count – what can I do to help?

Write to Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, at to let her know that you want your vote counted.